Ilaria Ferraro Toueg


Hand knotted Tibetan rug in premium wool and fine silk.

Size: cm 350x272

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This magnificent piece of floor decor is made of a mix of hand-knotted Tibetan wool and silk. It is part of a collection inspired by the old Hollywood glamour of the '30s and the city of Los Angeles with its majestic palm trees lit up by the sunset. Over a warm yellow background, sunset pink, aqua blue, and dark emerald palm leaves overlap, creating a striking decorative pattern that will be a splendid addition to any decor


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Ilaria Toueg
Cali collection
Artist Picture

Ilaria Ferraro Toueg

Milano | Italy

Ilaria Ferraro Toueg is an international interior and product designer. Her studio space, Ted Milano, is based in Milan in a historical townhouse designed by Gio Ponti, whose work has largely influenced her creative path. Her first collection, Cali Collection, is an exclusive capsule range of hand- knotted rugs made of fine silk and premium wool, inspired by the Hollywood glamour of the 30’s. As complimentary pieces to the collection, she created a series of fine furnishings, all made using the authentic skill of Italian artisans and the highest quality of materials.

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